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Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship 2024, How To Apply for it and its Eligibility Criteria- Apply for it Now

Oberkotter family foundation scholarship | This is a scholarship scheme provided by the Oberkotter family and it is called The Oberkotter family fund. In this scholarship scheme, the foundation provides you with the certain amount for continuing the post-secondary schools in the USA which will help you in completing the education cost. So in this article, we are going to discuss the Oberkotter Family Foundation scholarship, and how to apply for it and we will also know about the eligibility criteria which is required for the applicant to get this scholarship.

Motto of Oberkotter Family Foundation scholarship

The main motto of the Oberkotter Family Foundation scholarship is that any student should not stop studying because of their economic weakness for completing their post courses and they have been helping a lot of students who want to complete their further studies but are not able to because of their economic condition.

Eligibility Criteria For Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship

Below are the eligibility criteria for Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship. You shall be good to apply for this scholarship if you have any of the two criteria.

  1. The applying candidate should have an ethical personality and firm morals.
  2. You should be doing a part-time job.
  3. Good at extracurricular exercise.
  4. The applying candidate should have good sports participation.
  5. The applying candidate should service to the academy, family, or society.
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So these are the eligibility criteria for a candidate to be eligible for the Oberkotter family scholarship in 2024.

Amount you get in Oberkotter family Foundation Scholarship

The amount that is funded by Oberkotter family foundation is $3,500. These awards will be sent directly to the institution which will register for the fall of 2024 term.

This foundation has been giving scholarships to qualified students in the past and they continue to do this.

The applying candidate who is given the scholarship is again qualified to apply for this scholarship scheme every year till their course, which will also include their four-year college or university degree in the future.

How to apply for Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship in 2024?

You can follow the steps mentioned below to apply for the Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship in 2024.

  1. First, visit the official website the link is mentioned here. Click here
  2. Then follow the steps on the site.

Applying for this scholarship is quite easy.

Requirement Documents for Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship

  1. The applying candidate should submit the authorized high school transcript or other high school certificates showing the proof.
  2. The applying candidate should submit and Narrative Essay.
  3. Applying candidates should be directed to the Robert and Joyce Oberkotter Family Foundation College scholarship.
  4. Applying candidate should also submit their two letters of recommendation one should be school based and another should be a non school based.
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These are the must-send documents in your application form.

The applying candidate must have enrolled in a post-secondary educational institution in the year 2022 and must have graduated from high school. So to verify you should submit all the documents mentioned above other your application will not be considered.

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Contact Information

If you have any inquiries then you can send a mail to their official inquiry email which is inquiries@oberkotterfamilyfoundation.org, their reply might not be later than working 5 days.

For sending application data you can use this email oberkotterfamilyfoun@devinemillimet.com.


So this is everything that you should know to apply for Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship, have you ever applied for the scholarship if yes then let us know in the comment section below so that we can share it and the new young candidate applying for the scholarship will be prepared before hand.

We hope you get this scholarship!!.

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