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Calculating GPA for the National Examination Board (NEB) in Nepal can be quite challenging, especially with the new letter grading system introduced in 2078 B.S. In the past, it was straightforward because the credit hours for both practical and theory were the same up to grade ten. However, in grade 12, the credit hours can vary by subject. For instance, Nepali (Theory) has a credit hour of 2.25, while Nepali (Practical) has 0.75, and English (Theory) has 3 credits, whereas English (Practical) has 1 credit. To achieve an A+ grade in Nepali (Theory), you need to score 90% of 75, which is 67.5, and for Nepali (Practical), you need 90% of 25, which is 22.5.

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NEB Letter Grading System

Grade GPA Grade Description Mark
A+ 4 Outstanding 90-100
A 3.60 Excellent 80-90
B+ 3.2 Very Good 70-80
B 2.8 Good 60-70
C+ 2.4 Satisfactory 50-60
C 2.0 Acceptable 40-50
D+ 1.6 Basic 35-40
NG Below 1.6 Non Graded Below 35

Formula to Calculate NEB Class 11/12 GPA

NEB GPA Calculator Tool

Advantages of our NEB GPA Calculator tool:

    1. Simple and user-friendly interface.
    2. Accurate and efficient GPA calculations.
    3. Ability to calculate subject-specific GPA with varying credit hours.
    4. Helps students avoid manual calculation errors.
    5. Provides quick access to GPA points and corresponding grades.
    6. Enables students to track their academic progress easily.
    7. Saves time and effort in GPA computation.
    8. Promotes a better understanding of the grading system.
    9. Allows users to select any subject for GPA calculation.

How to use NEB GPA Calculator tool

The NEB GPA Calculator tool is a user-friendly tool for students to calculate their Grade Point Average (GPA) without any issues. To get started, you need to follow a few simple steps.

  1. First, select your class from the options provided.
  2. Then, choose the specific subjects you want to calculate your GPA for from the subject box. [ Optional VI is 50/50 theory and practical mark subject]
  3. Next, input your Theory and Practical marks for each selected subject.
  4. Once you have entered all the required information, click on the “Calculate GPA” button.
  5. The NEB GPA Calculator tool will process the data and display your subject GPA points and corresponding Subject Grades.

It’s an efficient and straightforward way for students to keep track of their academic performance and make informed decisions regarding their studies.

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