BBS 1st Year principles of management question paper 2078 with solution

BBS 1st Year principles of management question paper 2078 with solution

BBS 1st Year Principles of Management Question paper

TU BBS 1st Year Principles of Management is a foundational course in the Bachelor of Business Studies program offered by Tribhuvan University (TU).

  • Course Content: The BBS 1st Year Principles of Management course covers various aspects of management, including the nature of organizations, managerial functions, leadership, communication, and control.
  • Study Materials: You can find study materials and notes for this course online. E Nepal offers chapter-wise notes, and the Principles of Management Syllabus is also available on E Nepal.
  • Syllabus: The syllabus includes topics like the nature of organizations, organizational goals, managerial skills, leadership styles, conflict management, communication, and more. You can refer to the detailed syllabus on the E Nepal website.

Here, I have collected the BBS 1st year Principles of Management Question paper, which was asked in 2078 years. BBS 1st year Principles of Management Question paper carries 100 full marks and 30 pass marks questions in the final examination.

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B.B.S. 4 Yrs. Programme / 1st years/ MGT                                                           Full Mark: 100
Principles of Management [MGT 213] (Regular)                                              Time: 3hrs.

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Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figure in the margin indicates the full mark.

Group “A”

Brief Answer Questions                                                                                                 [10 x 2=20]
Attempt ALL Questions.

1. What is goal displacement?
2. List any two limitation of scientific management approach.
3. What is work force diversity?
4. Point out any two differences between strategic planning and tactical planning.
5. What is organic views of organization?
6. Define the MBO technique.
7. Point out any two different between formal and informal communication.
8. List out any two disadvantages of multi-national company.
9. Give the meaning of team management.
10. Define total quality management.

Group “B”

Descriptive Answers Questions                                                                          [5 x 10=50]
Attempt any FIVE Questions.

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11. What is organization? Explain changing perspective of organization.
12. State and explain the function of management.
13. What is environmental scanning? Explain the methods of scanning.
14. State and explain different types of modern organization structures.
15. What are strategies for motivating employee? Explains.
16. State and explain the major problem of business in Nepal.

Group “C”

Analytical Answer Questions                                                                             [2 x 15=30]
Attempt any TWO Questions
17. What is system theory? Discuss the contribution and limitations of system theory.
18. Define transformational leadership. Critically examine the motivation–hygiene theory of motivation.
19. What is business ethics? Discuss the different areas of social responsibility of business. 

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