BBS 1st Year Business English Question paper 2078

BBS 1st Year Business English Question paper 2078 with solution

BBS 1st Year Business English Question paper

BBS 1st year Business English is an important course in the TU BBS program’s 1st-year curriculum. BBS 1st Year Business English courses are designed to support students in developing effective English communication skills that are adapted to the business environment.
In this post, I have provided BBS 1st Year Business English Questions paper 2078 with solution. BBs 1st year Business English carries 100 full marks and 30 pass marks questions in the final examination.
B.B.S 4 Yrs. Programme/1st year/ MGT
BBS 1st year Business English [MGT 201] (Regular)                                                                                                       
Time: 3hrs.                                                                                                    Full Mark: 100 
Attempt ALL Questions:
Group A
1. Rewrite the following sentences by choosing the best alternatives. [5]
a. This book is only of 100 pages, I ………………. it by lunch time.
       i. will be reading 
       ii. will read
       iii. will have read
       iv. read
b. Rajendra ………………….. completed his work yet.
       i. has 
       ii. have
       iii. haven’t
       iv. hasn’t
c. Water ……………….. at 100 degree Celsius at sea level.
       i. boiled
       ii. will boil
       iii. runs
       iv. will be runs
d. The fuel ……………. out by 2030.
       i. will have run
       ii. will run
       iii. runs
       iv. will be run
e. She is used to ………….. tobacco.
       i. chew
       ii. chewed
       iii. chewing
       iv. having chewed
2. Complete the following sentences following the rules of subject-verb-agreement. [5]
a. Not only the students but also their instructor ……………….. been called to the principal’s office.

       i. were

       ii. have

       iii. has
        iv. are

b. No news ……….. good news.

       i. are
      ii. is
iii. have
      iv. were

c. Ten pounds …………….. a reasonable price for this computer.

       i. seem
      ii. were
      iii. seems
      iv. are

d. The poor ……………… honest.

       i. are
      ii. is
      iii. has
      iv. had

e. The memoranda ………………… signed.

       i. were
      ii. has been
      iii. is
      iv. was

3. Answer the following question as instructed. [5]
a. She was feeding her baby when her husband returned home. (Identify the word that indicates time sequences)  
b. Write a simple sentence with the subject “She”
c. He does not hardly attend the class. (Avoid double negative)
d. Write a sentence following the sentences pattern S+V+O+C
e. The student of BBS are very genius. (Identify prepositional phrase)
4. List any five techniques of using languages effectively with an example for each technique.   [5]
5. Imagine you are the marketing in-charge in XYZ mobile company. Describes your jobs. [5]
6. Suryodya Education Network has recently introduced a policy of subsidizing 50 percent of the tuition fee of employees’ children. Write a memo for announcing this policy. [5]
7. Make a sample of advertisement of a shampoo to be published in newspaper. [5]
8. Prepared a brochure design for a reputed hotel serving for a decade. [10]
Group B
9. Write a paragraph of at least seven sentences and explain how your paragraph is coherent. [7]
10. Read the following paragraph and answer the questions that follows: [6]
       A vexed enemy of mankind, as people have discovered, is not science, but war since science merely reflects the prevailing social forces. It is found that when there is peace, science is conservative, when there is war, and science is prevented to destructive ends. The weapons which science gives do not necessarily cause war, they make war increasingly terrible. Till now. it has brought us to the doorstep of doom. Our main problem, therefore, is not to curb science, but to stop war – to substitute law for force, international government for anarchy in the relations of one nation with another. That is a job in which everybody must participate including the scientists. But the bombing of Hiroshima suddenly woke us up to the fact that we have very little time. The hour is late, and our work has scarcely begun. Now we are face to face with an urgent question ….. *Can education and tolerance, understanding and creative intelligence run fast enough to keep us abreast with our own mounting capacity to destroy?* This is the questions which we shall have to answer one way or the other in our generation. Science must help us in arriving at the answer, but the main decision lies within ourselves.
a. Extract the topic sentence from the paragraph above. Is the topic sentence in the normal position?
b. Why do you think that is the topic sentence which you have chosen?
c. Does the writer provide sufficient evidence(s) and reason(s) to support the major claim?
11. With the help of the following clues, develop paragraph for the title “Jealousy”. [6]
    …………………. a subject of literature but not of daily conversations.
    ………………….unmentionable emotion.
    ………………….it is a feeling of fear, unhappiness, or even ill will.
    ………………….for psychologists, its origin can have biological, economic causes.
12. Read the paragraph and edit, as necessary. There are five mistakes in verb form and one mistake in punctuation. [6]
     If people continue to choose to move from small towns into cities for greater opportunities, cities will have to adapt to the changes in their populations. Cities will need to create more affordable housing for new residents. They are need to build schools for their children so that they will study, and parks so that they will play. Transportation and other services will need to be expanded to accommodate larger numbers of people. If the city meets this challenge, people will be able to move to and from their jobs easily. If it does not, people probably earn less money, as they will only be able to accept work that is close to their homes. As cities expand, new neighbourhoods will being created in areas that are now uninhabited. Areas that were once considered suburban will most probably be swallowed up by urban expansion and become part of the city. As new neighbourhoods are established, new businesses will also open to meet the needs of these new residents. With these new businesses are coming new jobs.
Group C
Answer any THREE of the following questions:  [3×10=30]

13. The narrative essays “Only daughter* by Sandra Cisneros and “My Mother Never Worked” by Bonnie Smith-Yackel make extensive remarks upon how the patriarchal society viewed a female and her work. Do you think the contents of the essays are still relevant in today’s context? Explain.

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14. Write an essay describing an especially frightening horror film. What specific sights and sounds make this film so horrifying? Include a thesis statement (and label it) assessing fiml’s success as a horror film. (Be careful not to simply summarize the plot of the film)

15. Write an essay comparing two places you are familiar with. Your thesis statement should indicate if you are emphasizing similarities or differences.

16. How, according to Gayle Rosenwald Smith, in her essay “The wife-Beater”, does calling a shirt a wife-beater teach women “the wrong thing about men?” Do you agree with Smith that the casual use of them “wife-beater” dangerous? Why?

17. Alex Tabarrok in his essay “The Meat Market” argues, “Some American doctors are routinely removing pieces of tissue from deceased patients for transplant without their, or their families’ prior consent. Do you think doctors should be allowed to do this? How would you react if such a procedure were performed on a member of your own family? Write an essay answering these questions.

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